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Pianist Laura Leon

J.S. Bach, Ewazen, Masha's Arigato, Helfman: honoring Chiune Sugihara at Embassy of Japan in Canada's live online international event

The final segment of the Embassy of Japan in Canada's opening ceremony for its five-day historic online event "'Visas for Life and the bond of humanity: Sugihara Chiune's courageous humanitarian act" was the presentation of 4 recorded piano works compiled from my CDs, with live introductions-each offering an expression of hope for peace in the world.

Chiune Sugihara was the heroic World War II diplomat who courageously signed travel viasa to Tsuruga, Japan in 1940 while posted in Kaunus, LIthuania, saving 6,000 Jews. It was an honor to participate in this event.

The four works were:

J.S. Bach: Allemande from Suite No. IV in E flat major

Eric Ewazen: The Resplendent Quetzel from A Suite from the Cloud Forest

Nina Leon: Masha's Arigato-a solo piano tribute to Sugihara and the people of Japan

P. Minkowsky/arr. Max Helfman: Hymn for piano and flutes; with Amy Z. Cohen, flutes