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Pianist Laura Leon

Peter Schickele (PDQ Bach): A Delightful Dialogue and Piano Gem--Prelude I of "Three Teeny Preludes"

The remarkably versatile, internationally renowned Grammy-award winning American composer, author and satirist Peter Schickele joins Laura Leon for a delightful conversation-much of it as the distinguished Professor Peter Schickele, about P.D.Q. Bach (1807-1742?).

Long heralded for his discovery of P.D.Q. Bach and his compositions, Peter Schickele talks about P.D.Q.'s unusual history and rather unique place in the annals of classical music--starting off by being born the 21st of Johann Sebastian Bach's 20 children! Born on April 1st, P.D.Q. Bach's 271st Birthday is given special recognition during the conversation.

Keyboard moments include Laura and Peter Schickele at the piano, with P.D.Q. Bach's charming Prelude I from his Three Teeny Preludes S. .001 (largely edited by Professor Peter Schickele)--a blended Baroque jazzy jewel from his "three gem studies" (Professor Peter Schickele).

Composer Peter Schickele (
Filmed by Karen Leon, Broken Tail Productions, NYC, March 2013 (
Prelude I from Three Teeny Preludes S. .001. Published by Theodore Presser (