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Pianist Laura Leon

New York City Beekeeping-A Musical Tribute in Process

Fantastic news about beekeeping in New York City! And it's very special to be getting ready to bring out a new musical work in honor of the bees--especially with the unanimous NYC vote in their favor.

The Apian Way, composed and titled by the NYC composer Steven Rosenhaus, began to take shape in the fall of 2009, when I commissioned him to write a new solo piano work for the bees. "The Dreams of Bees," the first of two movements, was completed last month. Steven is in the midst of the second movement.

As one of many who are concerned about the bees, I first entered their world in 2008, hosting a gathering that summer. I organized "Bee My Friend," to help raise awareness about the plight of bees and how important they are to all of us. Gratitude to Elizabeth Johnson, Manager of the Metropolitan Biodiversity Program at the American Museum of Natural History's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation; and the beekeeper Chris Harp, who both generously provided a wealth of materials for those attending; and Joyce Weinberg of City Food Tours for her talk. The following April, I had the privilege of being part of Heifer International's 2009  Bee Day Celebration in Manhattan.

The premiere of The Apian Way will be announced as soon as the work is completed.