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Pianist Laura Leon

P.D.Q. Bach 50th Annniversary Concert at Town Hall

P.D.Q. Bach 50th Annniversary Concert at Town Hall

P.D.Q. Bach: The Golden Anniversary will celebrate the one and only P.D.Q. Bach, discovered by Professor Peter Schickele on Monday, December 28th and Tuesday, December 29th (added by public demand!) at New York's Town Hall, site of the very first P.D.Q. Bach concert 50 years ago. At that inaugural concert, Professor Peter Schickele announced his discovery of the composer, and introduced all of us to his (to say the least) extraordinarily unique repertoire.

The Golden Anniversary concerts will feature Professor Peter Schickele, The New York Pick-Up Ensemble, Jorge Mester, semi-conductor, off-coloratura soprano Michele Eaton, tenor profundo Brian Dougherty, announcer Elliott Forrest and Williams Walters, manager of the stage (yes, get ready to hiss). The program includes the heralded Beethoven Sportscast, Uptown Hoedown, Swing Sweet, Low Chariot and Peruckenstuck (“Hair Piece”) from The Civilian Barber.

It was wonderful to record The Civilian Barber Overture with pianist Blair McMillen, one of two four-hand works on Morning Music, my CD of never before recorded piano works by Peter Schickele and P.D.Q. Bach. Also featured are P.D.Q. Bach's very early cool, jazz-infused Three Teeny Preludes (S. .001), and his “Goldbrick” Variations-P.D.Q. Bach's attempt to profit from his “father’s” renowned keyboard work and fame.

Thank you, Professor Peter Schickele, for bringing P.D.Q. Bach into our musical lives and for these momentous upcoming NY concerts!